'Staging Events' : Tuesday 14 May 2013

Carnegie Cricket Ground, Leeds.

Keynote speaker : Martin Green Head of Ceremonies London 2012

9.30am - 4.00pm





UK Centre for Events Management – Yorkshire Events Network in partnership with

Welcome to Yorkshire; Calderdale and Leeds Councils; Yorkshire Festival Network and BAFA invite you to:


The Conference and Expo designed to inspire creative thinking and help you maximise the

opportunities Le Grand Depart will bring to Yorkshire, your business and you.



Attendees are guaranteed to…


  • get connected with businesses looking at hosting, staging or supplying events in the region
  • get inspired with an expo from the newest event talent to inspire your creative thinking and Martin Green - Head of Ceremonies London 2012 talk on 'How did they do that? Protecting great ideas in a multi-stakeholder environment' 
  • get ahead with workshop tasters on how to integrate social media into your business, how to manage sustainable events, how to create  a motivated workforce
  • get informed with Calderdale and Leeds City Council and Welcome to Yorkshire presenting the latest plans on the major event in July and the 100 day festival of events leading up to it
  • get thinking with the latest findings from research on future trends of the events industry commissioned by Meeting Professionals International (MPI)




9.30am                Welcome registration with a ‘Yorkshire petit dejeuner’


9.45am                Tour de France Update from Welcome to Yorkshire; Calderdale and Leeds Councils

A presentation that shows the inspiring journey of the bid and the latest opportunities the major event and lead up to it will bring to the region in 2014.


10.15am:            Creative thinking session: Martin Green :

'How did they do that? Protecting great ideas in amulti-stakeholder environment


11.15am:            Opening of Expo 2013by Martin Green : showcase of creative event concepts

around Le Grand Depart route followed by Lunch ‘Le Yorkshire dejeuner’ and networking


1.00pm:                Workshop taster sessions – choose one of the following:

-          Dr Emma Wood : maximising social media,

-          Chris Morley : negotiating for the best advantage,

-          Dr Alex Kenyon : what CSR means to your business,

-          Guy Lincoln : Inspirational leadership

-          French for Events

-         BAFA : Audience Development –  Process & Impact

-         Martin Green : Creative Thinking


2.00pm:              Flash Forward : Insights on Current and Future Trends & News

1. Designed to ignite your interest in some of the key findings from Leeds Met’s global research for Meeting Professionals Industry with practical tips on how to apply these new insights into your business.

2. BAFA update on Audience Development Initiative

3. Yorkshire Events Network – future plans.


3.00pm:                A chance to see the second EXPO session


3.45pm:                A glass of local wine and special gourmet treat and announcement of EXPO




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